What’s Your Risk Number?

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Our Process

Your seat at Round Table Financial will give you a transparent simple process utilizing our simple online form in addition to our experienced personal advice, which allows us to develop an investment strategy which empowers you to become a fearless investor.

YOU  fill out our online Risk Profile Score Questionnaire. This takes only a few minutes and addresses portfolio size, your top financial goals, and what you’re willing to risk for potential gains.

WE  compute your risk score and financial profile, and we define your retirement goals.

YOU  choose one of our financial advisors with whom you are most comfortable.

WE  use your Risk Profile Score and Financial Profile to develop and deploy an appropriate investment strategy commensurate with your profile. This includes a retirement map to review progress toward your retirement goals.

WE  monitor that strategy and your portfolio with our internal systems to determine any ongoing inconsistencies.

WE  adjust and modify your portfolio strategy while keeping you informed of any changes and concerns.

YOU  get to relax and know that your investments are being continually monitored and adjusted to fit your Risk Profile utilizing a defined, consistent, quantitative approach at any and every stage of your life!

This process utilized by Round Table Financial is our

“Distinctive Competence.”

It is what makes us DIFFERENT. It is what makes us BETTER.

We understand that other Investment advisors will eventually catch up to our process/program. But, our will/desire and drive to stay ahead of the curve as well as our sincere empathy for our clients, will push us to continually update our process so that we will always retain its “distinctly competent” characteristics.

“Our goal is to be as transparent and simple as possible.” – Thomas, Alex, and Bob

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